Statement Regarding C Three Foundation’s TSM Drink Log App

UPDATED October 4, 2023

We are pleased to announce the issue affecting Android users of the TSM Drink Log app have been fixed. We apologize for the delay, as we ran into additional obstacles along the way. If you have lost your historical notes, drinks, and other data, please follow the steps below to retrieve it.


1. manually log out
2. uninstall the app
3. go to your app settings on your phone
4. clear the Google Play store app cache
5. reinstall the drink log
5a. (optional) reset your password if you have forgotten it
6. this should allow you to see your old data.


UPDATED 9/26/2023

After much longer than anticipated, we have finally received the database backup from Firebase. We are in the process of clarifying the steps we must now take to restore functionality to the Android version of the app with minimal additional disruptions to unaffected users.

If you are an Android user, please ensure you have the latest version of the app loaded on your device:

We will issue another update once the data has been restored. Again, we are sorry for the continued disruption of service.


Earlier this week, the C Three Foundation rolled out updates to our TSM drink log app on both the iOS and Android platforms. Unfortunately, the Android update has caused errors resulting in crashes and inaccessible data, which we will address here.

What Happened

When a number of Android users’ apps were updated, an error resulted that has led to their encrypted data becoming inaccessible.

Why it Happened

The C Three Foundation has always strived to provide digital security to everyone we serve. Other than your email address, which is used to authenticate your account and allow you to access your own personal drink log data, we do not collect any personal information through our app. The encryption levels are set so that even we cannot read it.

How We Are Fixing the Issue

We reached out to our database host company, Firebase, to inquire about retrieval. We have granted them temporary access to all data in order for them to restore user data prior to the update. While the update did not affect iOS users, restoration of the database may cause a loss of data over the period beginning Sept 20, 2023 at 3 am UTC – through the restoration for all users, which should be completed in less than 24 hours from now.

Beginning today, we have enabled a backup of the database to be stored on Firebase. The backup holds the same level of encryption, so your data remains safe. However, in the unlikely event something similar ever happens again, it will allow us to restore everyone’s data quicker, and without the assistance of Firebase.

Our Apologies and the Future of the TSM Drink Log App

We are deeply sorry that this technical issue has led to frustration and inconvenience for our TSM Drink Log app users. We understand how important your drink logs, notes, and other information you enter into the app is to you. We know you rely on our app to do what it should, when it should. Please accept our apologies for this error. We tried to roll out improvements, made a mistake and it caused you disruptions. We promise to do better in the future.

To date, both versions of the app have been coded and updated by a single, unpaid volunteer. As we continue to add features to the app, testing becomes more important to ensure events such as this are caught prior to public launch. In the future, we will be testing updates more vigorously before rolling them out. We hope to use this unfortunate experience to build a team of volunteers who can assist in contributing to and testing the update builds. Please let us know if you are interested in helping make our app even better moving into the future.