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Many of the resources you find on this site are offered free of charge.  There are links to news articles, videos, testimonials and resources you can print and give to your physician. Everything we do at the C Three Foundation revolves around getting help to those who need it. If the treatment industry has failed you (or someone you love), this site is for you--because you are not powerless and hope is available. 


MD Proactive

Starter Resource Library

Those new to the Sinclair Method often scour the internet to find as much information as they can about this groundbreaking treatment for alcohol use disorder. 

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Drink Log

One of the most important parts of the Sinclair Method (after medication compliance) is recording your drinks in a daily drink log so you can see your progress over time. 

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Peer Support

Discover our various support groups and forums dedicated to the Sinclair Method.  We also offer personal 1:1 video support sessions with Claudia Christian to answer your support issues. 

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For Your Doctor

Need assistance discussing the Sinclair Method with your current physician?  Here you will find documents and information to prepare you to talk with your doctor. 

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Scientific Information

From peer-reviewed research and studies to government guidelines and notices, we've assembled everything you need to dig into the science behind the Sinclair Method. 

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How To Help

Are you interested in helping us with your time and talents? We have suggestions for ways to help further the C Three Foundation mission.

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Explore our vast collection of videos, podcasts, how-to guides, interviews, and various print articles that address the many aspects involved with recovery using the Sinclair Method. 

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C3 Foundation Europe

Fly across the pond by clicking below to visit our partner site.  C3 Foundation Europe has specific information and extra resources for those of you who reside in Europe.