The C Three Foundation is the world's only nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness of the Sinclair Method for treating and preventing alcohol use disorder.

How I Overcame Alcoholism

Claudia Christian | TEDx London Business School | April 29, 2016


Worldwide, 3 million deaths every year result from harmful use of alcohol. This represent 5.3 % of all deaths (source: WHO).
The C Three Foundation is changing the conversation about alcohol use, misuse, and treatment.
It's time to change the things we can no longer accept, using science and compassion.
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We know you do your best every day to help your patients get healthy and stay healthy. It isn’t always easy to talk to your patients about their alcohol use, even though harmful alcohol use can significantly, adversely affect health. We want to help you and your patients change the conversation about harmful alcohol use.

For decades, alcohol misuse has traditionally been treated as a moral failing resulting in shame, stigma, and chronic treatment failure. As a medical professional, you understand the physical, medical harm alcohol abuse can cause and you also understand that medication-assisted treatment is a science-based option all patients deserve to be offered.

You do not have to be an addiction specialist to screen and treat your patients. Click below to be directed to our site designed specifically for medical professionals, where you can find information and resources to more effectively treat your patients who have been diagnosed with alcohol use disorder.