Options Save Lives Podcast Season 3: Change and Changemakers

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Katie Lain, Thrive Alcohol Recovery
(Available September 27, 2022)

Featured guest Katie Lain of Thrive Alcohol Recovery shares her journey from finding success on the Sinclair Method to becoming a change maker in the lives of countless others who struggle with alcohol use disorder.

Andy M. - TSM Success Story
(Available November 1, 2022)

Featured guest Andy M. shares his journey from hiding his drinking in the basement to success on the Sinclair Method. He also discusses the importance of support, both from his wife and the TSM community, in helping him reach his alcohol reduction goals.

Samara Ibanez, Your Sinclair Method
(Available November 8, 2022)

Featured guest Samara Ibanez of Your Sinclair Method Coaching shares her experience with TSM and provides an in-depth look at a protocol she developed called The Purposeful TSM Blueprint, which she uses to help her clients reach their alcohol reduction and elimination goals.

Bruce Rose, Alcohol Recovery Scotland
(Available November 15, 2022)

Featured guest Bruce Rose of Alcohol Recovery Scotland and Your Sinclair Method Coaching discusses some of the obstacles to accessing the Sinclair Method in the UK, challenges in educating the medical/addiction community, and about his unicycle quest to raise awareness of TSM.

Claire Cazier, Your Sinclair Method
(Available November 22, 2022)

Featured guest Claire Cazier of Your Sinclair Method Coaching shares how she got involved with the Sinclair Method, the importance of becoming a partner with the process, and she flips the interview to help loved ones see how easily they can find common ground to build empathy for the person in their life who is using TSM.

Brian Noonan, APRN, SinclairMethod.org by Ballard Psychiatry
(Available November 29, 2022)

Featured guest Brian Noonan, APRN of SinclairMethod.org by Ballard Psychiatry dives into nearly everything you've ever wanted to know about using telemedicine to access the Sinclair Method, give us some straight talk on side effects, and shares his reflections on that often talked about 78% success rate.

Corey B. - TSM Success Story
(Available December 6, 2022)

Featured guest Corey B. shares her personal story of the impacts of alcohol in her life, how she "protected" alcohol and struggled with alcohol free days, and her successful journey to recovery using the Sinclair Method.

Kristen - TSM Success Story
(Available December 13, 2022)

Featured guest Kristen shares her compelling story in this extended-length episode, including how the trauma inflicted by traditional alcohol treatment and detox continues to be a hurdle to overcome even with her success on the Sinclair Method. We also talk about the difference between therapy before and after TSM and adding non-alcoholic beers to help moderate.

Gabrielle Annett, LPCC, LISAC, CCTP
Licensed Counselor, Trauma Specialist & Life Coach
(Available December 20, 2022)

Featured guest Gabrielle Loomis-Annett offers her professional insights to talk about trauma, some myths we have about it, and how addiction and trauma can be interlaced with one another - even if we don't realize it.

Hannah S. - TSM Success Story
(Available December 27, 2022)

Featured guest Hannah S. talks about her winding path from addiction to sobriety, back to addiction again, and eventually to the Sinclair Method. She shares her struggles with the process and why she proclaims herself a "poster child" for why medication adherence is critical to the process.

Rebecca Dean, Your Sinclair Method Coaching
(Available January 3, 2023)

Featured guest Rebecca Dean covers a wide array of topics including the need for support systems to give their loved one on the Sinclair Method space to direct their recovery journey. We also talk about the benefits of combining TSM with SMART Recovery.

Claudia Christian - Founder/CEO C Three Foundation
(Available January 10, 2023)

In our season finale, Claudia Christian reflects on the accomplishments and struggles of the C Three Foundation in the organization's first decade, and shares her hopes and dreams for propelling the Sinclair Method into the future.