C Three Foundation Drink Log and Graph

One of the most important parts of The Sinclair Method (after medication compliance) is recording your drinks in a daily drink log. This helps you to see your progress over time, since many people will take 6 - 9 months before they reach their desired goal.

A drink log is also a great tool to print out and take with you to your doctor so that he or she can easily see your progress. It can be equally beneficial to share with concerned family members, especially when you (or they) are feeling nervous because you have not yet reached your goal, whether that is to drink moderately or to give up drinking entirely.

To assist you on your journey, the C Three Foundation has created a 52-week drink log and graph. The drink log is an Excel spreadsheet that you can download for free. We've set it up so that the first page is your graph and the average number of weekly drinks you had before beginning TSM. The following tabs each contain 13 weeks of templates where you simply enter the number of drinks you have each day. The weeks automatically add up and populate your graph.


Drink Log Apps

We offer smartphone apps to track your drinks for both Apple iOS and Android devices. 

If you would like to request deletion of your drink log account, please email us and include the email address associated with your Drink Log app account.

Drink Log Spreadsheet

Requires Microsoft Excel 2003 or higher for PC or Mac.

Download the FREE Drink Log Spreadsheet