Physician Outreach Program

What is it?

The Physician Outreach ('PhyOP') program is perhaps the most ambitious project undertaken by the C Three Foundation to date, and it has proven to be the most difficult to obtain funding for, having been turned down for multiple grants.

We keep finding ways to move forward with the program, but in piecemeal. The 2,100 post cards were sent 100 per month. More than 250 branded USBs containing a TSM protocol and other informational resources have been handed out at conferences. The website was built and is maintained internally, and all returned post cards were researched by a volunteer and resent.

Our efforts are finally paying off.

What have we accomplished?

In the first three years of the Physician Outreach Project, we have expanded from fewer than 25 verified TSM providers to more than 150 offices worldwide. And that number is growing. In both Australia and Canada, everyone has access to the Sinclair Method through telemedicine services - in the comfort of their own homes. In the United States, almost 70% of states are covered by one or more verified TSM telemedicine providers, and only six states currently lack any verified TSM providers.

While the Sinclair Method is gaining traction and becoming more widely accepted, we still have much work to do.

If you are a medical professional and would like more information about how your patients can benefit when you incorporate the Sinclair Method into your practice, please visit our website designed specifically for medical professionals by clicking the button below.