The Sinclair Method Programs


C Three Foundation offers a wide range of programs to support not only those with Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) but also friends, family, and medical professionals. Take a look through our catalog of programs below.

Key Chain Program

Get your C Three Foundation key chain pill holder here. If you or a loved one are on The Sinclair Method (TSM), you understand how important it is to have naltrexone or nalmefene when it is needed most. We offer key chain pill holders as a useful tool for those on TSM.

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1:1 Video Support with Claudia

Whether you've recently made the decision to begin your recovery using the Sinclair Method, or if you've been using TSM for a while, we know you might still have questions. With the 1:1 Video Support program, you can now book a 60 minute video coaching session with Claudia.

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Significant Other Support (SOS)

It can be frightening to hear a loved one's recovery will involve drinking alcohol. This program is designed to help support those who are helping loved ones through recovery on the Sinclair Method.

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TSM Daily Support

The TSM Daily Support program is a daily email support program specifically designed for the first 30 days of your recovery journey on the Sinclair Method. Participants will receive tips, encouragement, reminders and other support tools to help set the tone for a lifetime of recovery success.

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One Little Pill Movie

One Little Pill takes an in depth look at a simple, safe method with success rates of 78%, the suppressing obstacles surrounding it, and those people just now finding it. This character driven film will leave you compelled to help spread the word that "Options Save Lives." Available to stream online or on DVD.

Physician Outreach

Inform medical professionals about the Sinclair Method, educate them on the importance of screening their patients for alcohol use disorders, provide them with the necessary resources for treating patients using TSM, and connect them with patients looking for recovery through medication assisted treatment for alcohol use disorder.

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